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514578318removeLoading...5 Year Mid-Cap Core Screen5 CriteriaEditLoading...{"0":{"type":"regular","item":0,"items":[0]},"1":{"type":"regular","item":[],"items":[0]},"2":{"type":"checks","item":[],"items":[93]},"6":{},"7":{},"15":{"type":"regular","item":[],"items":[4]},"23":{"type":"rating","ratingYear":"5 Year Rating","item":[],"items":[0]},"24":{},"25":{},"26":{},"27":{}}
505681808removeLoading...ASAP - Growth funds3 CriteriaEditLoading...{"0":{"type":"regular","item":0,"items":[0]},"1":{"type":"regular","item":[],"items":[0]},"2":{"type":"checks","item":[],"items":[85,94,115,144]},"6":{},"7":{},"15":{},"23":{},"24":{},"25":{},"26":{},"27":{}}
764584656removeLoading...Large cap growth 017 CriteriaEditLoading...{"0":{"type":"regular","item":0,"items":[0]},"1":{"type":"regular","item":[],"items":[0]},"2":{"type":"checks","item":[],"items":[85]},"6":{},"7":{"type":"regular","item":[],"items":[0,1]},"15":{"type":"regular","item":[],"items":[0,1,2,3,4]},"23":{"type":"rating","ratingYear":"Overall Rating","item":[],"items":[4,3,2,1,0]},"24":{},"25":{},"26":{},"27":{"type":"rating","ratingYear":"Overall Rating","item":[],"items":[0,1,2,3,4]}}


Fund Universe
Fund Type
Select mutual funds, ETFs, or both to populate your starting universe.
Mutual Funds26,581TOTAL FUNDS
26,581Total Fund Universe


Fund Category
Fund Type
Select mutual funds, ETFs, or both to populate your starting universe.
Equity13,902TOTAL FUNDS
Mixed Equity4,944TOTAL FUNDS
Fixed Income6,437TOTAL FUNDS
Money Market1,298TOTAL FUNDS
--Total Matches


Fund Classification
A - E 
F - J 
K - O 
P - T 
U - Z 
Absolute-Return Funds
Alternative Credit Focus Funds
Alternative Event Driven Funds
Alternative Global Macro Funds
Alternative Multi-Strategy ...
Alternative Other Funds (ALT)
Basic Materials Funds
California Intermediate Mun...
California Municipal Debt
California Short-Intermedia...
California Tax-Exempt Money...
China Region
Commodities Agriculture Funds
Commodities Base Metals Funds
Commodities Energy Funds
Commodities General Funds
Commodities Precious Metals...
Commodities Specialty Funds
Consumer Goods Funds
Consumer Services Funds
Convertible Securities
Core Plus Bond Funds
Corporate Debt Funds A-Rated
Corporate Debt Funds BBB-Rated
Currency Funds
Dedicated Short Bias
Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets Debt
Emerging Markets Local Curr...
Energy MLP Funds
Equity Income
Equity Leveraged Funds
Equity Market Neutral
European Region
Extended U.S. Large-Cap Cor...
Financial Services
Flexible Income
Flexible Portfolio
General & Insured Municipal...
General Bond
General US Government
General US Treasury
Global Equity Income Funds
Global Financial Services F...
Global Health/Biotechnology...
Global Income
Global Infrastructure Funds
Global Large-Cap Core
Global Large-Cap Growth
Global Large-Cap Value
Global Multi-Cap Core
Global Multi-Cap Growth
Global Multi-Cap Value
Global Natural Resources Funds
Global Real Estate Funds
Global Science/Technology F...
Global Small-/Mid-Cap Funds
High Yield Funds
High Yield Municipal Debt
India Region Funds
Industrials Funds
Inflation Protected Bond Funds
Institutional Money Market
Institutional Tax-Exempt Mo...
Institutional US Government...
Institutional US Treasury M...
Intermediate Investment Gra...
Intermediate Municipal Debt
Intermediate US Government
International Equity Income...
International Income
International Large-Cap Core
International Large-Cap Growth
International Large-Cap Value
International Multi-Cap Core
International Multi-Cap Growth
International Multi-Cap Value
International Real Estate F...
International Small/Mid-Cap...
International Small/Mid-Cap...
International Small/Mid-Cap...
Large-Cap Core
Large-Cap Growth
Large-Cap Value
Latin American
Loan Participation
Long/Short Equity
Managed Futures Funds
Maryland Municipal Debt
Massachusetts Municipal Debt
Mid-Cap Core
Mid-Cap Growth
Mid-Cap Value
Minnesota Municipal Debt
Mixed-Asset Target 2010
Mixed-Asset Target 2015 Funds
Mixed-Asset Target 2020
Mixed-Asset Target 2020 Funds
Mixed-Asset Target 2025 Funds
Mixed-Asset Target 2030
Mixed-Asset Target 2035
Mixed-Asset Target 2040 Funds
Mixed-Asset Target 2045 Funds
Mixed-Asset Target 2050 Funds
Mixed-Asset Target 2055+ Funds
Mixed-Asset Target Allocati...
Mixed-Asset Target Allocati...
Mixed-Asset Target Allocati...
Mixed-Asset Target Allocati...
Mixed-Asset Target Today Funds
Money Market
Multi-Cap Core
Multi-Cap Growth
Multi-Cap Value
Multi-Sector Income
Natural Resources
New Jersey Municipal Debt
New York Intermediate Munic...
New York Municipal Debt
New York Tax-Exempt Money M...
Ohio Municipal Debt
Other States Intermediate M...
Other States Municipal Debt
Other States Short-Intermed...
Other States Tax-Exempt Mon...
Pacific Ex-Japan
Pacific Region
Pennsylvania Municipal Debt
Precious Metals Equity Funds
Real Estate
Retirement Income Funds
S&P 500 Index Objective
Science & Technology
Short Investment Grade Debt
Short Municipal Debt
Short US Government
Short US Treasury
Short-Intermediate Investme...
Short-Intermediate Municipa...
Short-Intermediate US Gover...
Small-Cap Core
Small-Cap Growth
Small-Cap Value
Specialty Diversified
Specialty Fixed Income
Tax-Exempt Money Market
Ultra-Short Obligation
US Government Money Market
US Mortgage
US Treasury Money Market
Virginia Municipal Debt
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